The story of heartbreak didn’t quite end. Though I’ve worked so hard to work past it. The book is still wide open and waiting for more to be written. He is back into my life. Shockingly enough he is. Of all people. He is back. Can I stay away? No. I try? No. I can’t even lie to say I am. I can’t stay away. There is something that draws me back in. Some kind of chemical that he has that I need. I honestly was doing just fine thinking he was with someone else, causing them the pain he caused me. But I guess it was him, who got the broken heart and shattered dreams this time. I don’t feel any sympathy for him. I can’t bring myself to it. I am somewhat relieved that you felt what I have because of you. I’m sorry to say but it’s true. I won’t lie. To anyone. Not you. Not him. Not her. Not me. No one. I am still hurt. The scars in my wrists scream what I can’t. I am strong. To a certain point. I can be broken. Just not as easily. I’ve loved. I’ve hated. I’ve hurt. I’ve cried. I’ve done it all. Felt it all. But I’m not about to walk back into his trap to feel it all over again.
Truth be told.
I never wanted to love him.
It just happened.
I can promise that.