Who knew feeling so alive could dissappear within seconds, though the storey behind it.. is much more terifying.

It was just one of those days, where nothing could bring us four down. We met eyes in the lot of hell, planning to get far away of there as possible. Fast and recklessly. Watching the prison disappear behind us was just heart racing. Smiles were spread across our faces, laughs blurted all around.. Love and romance was all through the air.

Meeting eyes with the one you love felt even more amazing on that day for some odd reason. But i wasnt going to coplain because it felt right. Like old days, but better. Ever kiss was with a smile. Being together, we were lucky for.. so we didnt waste time.. or take up to much space. We came as close as we could. Giving the world all the room it needed. Because we just needed us. Hand in hand. Eyes on eyes. Lips to lips. Chest to chest. Waist to waist. Hip to hip. Nose to Nose. We were together. We were one.

The love they shared, and the love we shared would not be ignored. We loved loud. through actions and words. To be hear, loud and clear.. was the plan. Sounds silly, but gosh was it true.

Traveling into that closed space, flowing down streets. Music in the air. Jokes being heard. Deep breaths of happy air filled our lungs. Life was so good and worth breathing and living. We came to a stop. Talking still. Laughing louder. Then taking off for life to continue again when,

Bam. Scretching car tires. Screams. Tears. Silence. Impact hit us. It all happened so damn fast. i was taken from my body for a small, scarey, split second. When, he spared my life. Brought me back. Gave me my life by just wrapping his strong arms around me.

He put my life.. Before his. That love he had for me, was vast enough, to where he would make sure my heart kept beating. Because of him.

Though i felt alot of burning pain. Hurting still, i cant take it for advantage. Because im still here. Alive. A L I V E. I love him, just that much more.. though i thought it was completely impossible to love him more then i already did. It was and is very, possible.

This day.. i will remember for the rest of my life. They, will remember for the rest of theirs. It may have brought us closer. But it was something.. we can all..learn from.

I live. Everyday. Like its my last. Because, i must take the meracle god gave me. And what he gave me, a second chance