Best Times

They last forever, in your memory. All the llaughs, the drinks, the smokes, and most importantly the people. Watching and hearing all the things around you just make you smile. it is all good times. You couldnt ask for anything more at that point. Slowly you let go of your reality, watching it fade away to nothing. & enjoying all the bright lifed events coming your way. Falling, giggling, fighting its all out of these good times.

All the past events, hating eachother, fighting over dumb things.. Those are the memories to forget. because in the moment, all you want to do is live to the fullest. No regrets. Do as you please and say as you want. The night will go perfectly, unless your holdingl yourself back. Dont do it. Let yourself go free. Enjoy the freedom your given. Because you never know when you’ll feel this alive next.

I was given a second chance. So im living up to it. Not sitting back asing myself, “why didnt i do this?” Its a waste of time. && a waste of life. The nights your lucky enough to get away, and spend with real friends, and the nights you never want to end.. But then when they do, you have the pictures and memories left with you <3

Great night,